Lucas van Leyden “Passion of Christ” Engraving at Candlewood Galleries

  Lucas van Leyden “Passion of Christ” Engraving at Candlewood Galleries

  Candlewood Fine Arts Galleries   are pleased to present Lucas Van Leyden “De passie van ons Heer; Small Passions of Christ” Etched Engravings on copper. First engraved in 1521 and these are a later edition of very fine quality.


Lucas van Leyden’s Passion series of engravings (1521) depicts fourteen events (plus title Page) from the end of the life of Christ. It begins with The Last Supper, when Christ tells his disciples that one of them will betray him, continues with Christ’s trials leading to his crucifixion, and ends with his resurrection. Devotion to the Passion of Christ was at its height in the sixteenth century. The Passion was a popular subject of religious plays, vernacular devotional literature, and ritual recreations at Easter. Printed images of Christ’s Passion aided believers’ private devotion by invoking their empathetic engagement with Christ’s sacrifice.


Among several Museums Collections these may be see at the Print Room Of the British Museum, Lovure Museum , Metropolitain Museum of Art .


Exhibition of Lucas van Leyden “Passion of Christ” at Candlewood Galleries offerrs the collector and Scholar the opportunity to own one or more from the notes engraved works .The Engravings are printed from the original copper-plates of a Later Publication of limited edition of 250 impressions on Pur Chiffon d’Auvergne water marked Laid paper.

 The Engravings were pulled  from the copper plates use in printing are in the collection of the “Stedelijk Prentencabinet Antwerpen”
The Stedelijk Prentencabinet Antwerpen collection of old prints and drawings. The core of the collection of the print is aimed at Antwerp artists from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. There is also space for a collection of graphic works by contemporary artists.
During the Second World War, the eastern wing of the museum severely damaged. The museum opened its doors to the public again until 1951.
Lucas van Leyden Leiden, (1494 – 8 August 1533, Leiden), also named either Lucas Hugensz or Lucas Jacobsz, was a Dutch engraver and painter, born and mainly active in Leiden. van Leyden was among the first Dutch exponents of genre painting and is generally regarded as one of the finest Engraver’s in the history of art.

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