Future of ” Social Net Net Working & The Fine Arts “


We wish to share with our wonderful & supportive followers in ” Social Networking ” our experiences . With a few exception of egotistic-frustrated artists with the cries of ” Sour Grapes “, disgruntle dealers and Job Spams The membership is great venue .
Yes this is a great way of business the future , using the correct approach .
You be the Judge .
I must admit , of the age 58 and one of the ” Baby Boomers Generation ” , This is the new way of “Social Networking ” on the Internet connecting our profession to others with shared interests .” I think of this as going to a cocktail party or gallery reception ” and starting conversations or as these are called ” Discussion Groups ” focused to a special subject relating t o the profession or subject . I think this is a great innovation .
Like so many collectors that turned into dealers of Fine Prints and Fine Porcelains and very proudly I am of the” Old School “. Experiencing many years in both the front of the House in Hospitality and Retailer’s with two well respected old family retailers ,” Jordon Marsh ” and ” Burdine’s Department Stores ” Sadly now a very impersonal ( with few exceptions ) corporate retailer part of Macy’s Department Stores and Bloomingdale’s .
The first originated from the Marsh Family in Boston , and the Burdine’s Family Dept Stores in South. Florida . Previously as a youth I was influenced by My Grand Father Stow was a successful Business man in the early Auto
Motive Business from 1915 dealer of ” Willy Knights Cars” to Chrysler-Plymouth dealership to 1968 – out lasting 3 local dealerships in a small S.E. Indiana Town help to season my retail experience and customer service and business sense and as a youth I worked in a little Dairy Queen Store pushing ice cream and hamburgers at 15 years old, later restaurant management among other experiences.
These Old Tried and True Retailers taught us to treat the customers as if they were the guests in our own homes and respected and take care of what they need with good Customer Service , value for the goods and a follow up on every purchase NO matter how small or large .
I must admit in less than 3 months of joining LINKEDIN.COM , We have close to 1000 followers . From a total of 43 discussion Groups . Based on the total membership of the 42 discussion groups where there are duplicate members the total comes to 106,206 what I call Total opportunities ( a few duplicate members in all groups ) resulting in what is calculated to the nearest of a percent 9 Percent of the members of the forty three Discussion groups do follow my Blogs and contribute some very good discussions .
OK now pass these figures , I worked at focusing the discussion groups that I hope would reach the members that would relate to my area of interest . As any good retailer should I study the membership of each discussion group and from time to time leave one group to join others , constantly refining the selection .
I wish to thank the Wonderful Supporters that has been so kind to post replies on my 125 plus Blogs posted on the 43 discussions . many I noticed are also consumers and sellers of Fine Arts and Antiques on various Web Sites ( E bay , I Collectors, Ruby Lane , Respected Internet Auction Sites , Collectors , leading
Collectors and Scholars , to mentioned a few .
It is good to see that members do appreciate Art History , Collecting Traditional Art and that of ” Fine Original Prints and Fine Porcelains ” among the wonderful articles contributed by so many great members .
As retailer and collector of fine Arts and Porcelains , We do believe this is the new way of both Marketing and building a great community of Collectors , dealers
and developing connections that reaches over distance into a common bond of appreciation for fine art and antiques .
Scholars on a World Wide .
If you are willing to take the time and focusing on the market you wish to reach , you can reach a Hugh World Wide Market to expand your Professional contacts , sales , contacts and mutual interests .
Sadly Technology can not replace the face to face Human inter reaction of the buyer and seller and that feel of human contact , The Social Networking will offer a World of opportunities and possibilities .
We at Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts ” strive to bring both the Old retailing ” Tried and true ” married with the Inter Net technology to offer opportunities beyond any thing we all have ever experienced.
They also said “On Line Auctions would never work ” How wrong that way! , just ask Christie’s , E Bay , Live Auctioneers and so many others on line Fine Art
Those posting negative remarks are not focusing , nor discovering what works for there own objectives , As I have feel that We am successful at this new wonder-
ful exciting venue .
To know us better , please visit our website , follow our blogs and Please always feel free to share your thoughts on discussions that we are pleased to post .
James Stow & Anthony Yau
Candlewood-Yankee Fine Arts




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