Collecting Fine Quality Master’s Pieces Works on a Budget !








Collecting Fine Quality Master’s Pieces  Works on a Budget !

Just the sound of collecting Old Masters, brings to mind the Rich & Famous and aristocratic families but this is not always

so . At the age of 15, while in school I purchased an original etching titled ” El Picadore Ferinand ” an outstanding etching by Francicso Goya purchased with the funds from a after school job at a local Dairy Queen , in Rural S. E. Indiana in 1970’s.

I found a passion that has never stopped giving me satisfaction. After 43 years of studying & collecting I published two books on print collecting. I established an art and antique brokerage business 22 years ago with much success .

Both as a collector turned art and antique private broker, I am very blessed to live in a lovely home where 16th to 20th century old masters and modern masters prints grace my walls and furniture tops.

Collecting fine prints offers a lifetime opportunity to build a museum quality collection. For a dedicated collector there’s special joy when you see old master prints with duplicates represented in all major museums collections, including The Tate , Met , Louvre and so many others internationally.

Many people are not aware of the fact many noted fine artist were indeed print makers themselves working with etchings, engravings, wood cuts and lithography . Many Priced from a few dollars ( often for what a inexpensive Luncheon oe r dinner may set you back to ant amount you wish to spend.

If you wish to build a lifetime of passion for collection original prints visit the museums and galleries, take a art appreciation class, ask questions with the museum, dealers and collectors. Buy what you love. Let the art speak to you. Personally there is no greater joy. Good Art enriches the senses and the soul .

Good Art lives for ever !

Feel free to take a peak on the selection and possibilities that await you

James Stow & Anthony Yau

Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts


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