Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” For the Beginner and Veteran Collectors

Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” For the Beginner and Veteran Collectors




Yes there is still great opportunity of Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” for the Beginner and Veteran Collectors. As a veteran Collector-dealer there are some very good values in this field of collecting . I have seen great opportunity in this area of collecting for the past 45 years .
  First lets briefly explain what Old Masters Original prints are ….is a term for a European artist – print maker , etcher- engraver of skill
who worked before about 1800, or a painting by such an artist.

  In theory an Old Master Artist who was fully trained, was a Master of his local Artist Guild , and worked independently, but in practice
paintings considered to be produced by pupils or workshops will be included in the scope of the term. Therefore, beyond a certain level of
competence, date rather than quality is the criterion for using the term. Many artist employed students in there studio , were trained ,
mixing paints , preparing Canvas, and every development of the art side by side with the Old Master Painter . This practice of the artist as a
apprentice dates back for centuries .
   Durer , Rembrandt , Callot , Raphael and and Others were responsible for out standing artists like Van Ostade , Bega ,Zeeman , Goltious and
others . Fortunately for the average collector there are some great values of the “Second Level of Old Masters Prints ” . Many are very fine
 works and well respected by the Museums and Historians BUT undervalued by most of the Art Market today .

 Despite the supply is becoming more rare to find …they are on the market , often described “artist unknown ” Unsigned and other reasons and often stated ” School Of ” or “manner of “Today , you can still obtain quality later impressions of Rembrandt ,
Durer , Callots , and others along with fine early impressions of the later 18 Century members of others of the Old Masters . many were
reprinted from the Original Copper Plates by very accomplished Publishers Watelet , The Bason’s Editions and others.

  Hammerton and others , In the 19 Century several were republished in editions of fine Portfolios of Original prints including Etching and
Etchers ( included rembrandt Three Oriental Figures , Callot ” Vue de Paris ” and Waterloo’s ” Traveler by a stream” to mention a few .

 The expression ” OLD MASTERS COLLECTORS ” still instill the image of a Wealthy older collector ” No Longer , many Collectors are finding these works of everlasting value , appreciation and a great investment , in uncertain times as we are living in .

Take a look at ;
James Stow & Anthony YauCandlewood Yankee Fine Arts

James Stow & Anthony Yau
Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts


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