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   Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts is pleased to invite you to visit our site, now offering fine art, original and limited fine prints dating from 15th to 20th century, including works of Dürer, Rembrandt, Callot, Degas, Mary Cassatt, Haden, Palmer, Whistlers and more.

  Our decorative arts are works from Baccarat, Fabergé, Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Spode, Boehm and so much more.
In our area of Antiques, we are offering fine works of early English Porcelains from Worcester, Derby, and more all priced at reasonable prices and will provide your needs for fine art and antiques for your personal collecting pleasures and great gift giving.

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Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” For the Beginner and Veteran Collectors

Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” For the Beginner and Veteran Collectors




Yes there is still great opportunity of Collecting “Old Masters Original Prints ” for the Beginner and Veteran Collectors. As a veteran Collector-dealer there are some very good values in this field of collecting . I have seen great opportunity in this area of collecting for the past 45 years .
  First lets briefly explain what Old Masters Original prints are ….is a term for a European artist – print maker , etcher- engraver of skill
who worked before about 1800, or a painting by such an artist.

  In theory an Old Master Artist who was fully trained, was a Master of his local Artist Guild , and worked independently, but in practice
paintings considered to be produced by pupils or workshops will be included in the scope of the term. Therefore, beyond a certain level of
competence, date rather than quality is the criterion for using the term. Many artist employed students in there studio , were trained ,
mixing paints , preparing Canvas, and every development of the art side by side with the Old Master Painter . This practice of the artist as a
apprentice dates back for centuries .
   Durer , Rembrandt , Callot , Raphael and and Others were responsible for out standing artists like Van Ostade , Bega ,Zeeman , Goltious and
others . Fortunately for the average collector there are some great values of the “Second Level of Old Masters Prints ” . Many are very fine
 works and well respected by the Museums and Historians BUT undervalued by most of the Art Market today .

 Despite the supply is becoming more rare to find …they are on the market , often described “artist unknown ” Unsigned and other reasons and often stated ” School Of ” or “manner of “Today , you can still obtain quality later impressions of Rembrandt ,
Durer , Callots , and others along with fine early impressions of the later 18 Century members of others of the Old Masters . many were
reprinted from the Original Copper Plates by very accomplished Publishers Watelet , The Bason’s Editions and others.

  Hammerton and others , In the 19 Century several were republished in editions of fine Portfolios of Original prints including Etching and
Etchers ( included rembrandt Three Oriental Figures , Callot ” Vue de Paris ” and Waterloo’s ” Traveler by a stream” to mention a few .

 The expression ” OLD MASTERS COLLECTORS ” still instill the image of a Wealthy older collector ” No Longer , many Collectors are finding these works of everlasting value , appreciation and a great investment , in uncertain times as we are living in .

Take a look at ;
James Stow & Anthony YauCandlewood Yankee Fine Arts

James Stow & Anthony Yau
Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts

Engraved Works of John Archibald Austen” Often Over looked & Under Appreciated “

Engraved Works of John Archibald Austen” Often Over looked & Under Appreciated “

Today’s Collectors that are not more advanced scholars of Early Twenieth Century
British Prints , often over looked the Fine Art of Wood Engravings .

At that time a very few print makers were working in Wood Engraving , with a few exceptions like Clare Leighten , Austin , Beardsley created some very fine works as Illustrative Art that is in deed Fine examples of Wood engraving .

Many were published in Limited editions by such noted Publishers as the Litery Guild , Limited edition Club and others . These works are indeed fine Works of Art , based on earlier Art Publications where Etchers published there own original works during the “British , French and American Print Revivals” a generation earlier .

John Archibald Austen (Dover (Kent), 5 January 1886 – Hythe (Kent), 27 October 1948) was an English book illustrator. His early works, including a fine Hamlet, were Beardsleyesque in style, but after 1925 he was influenced by the Art Deco movement. Books which he illustrated in this manner include Daphnis and Chloe and As You Like it. Austen used several techniques in his illustrations, including wood-engraving and scraper board, and changed styles to suit the text he was illustrating. He was also involved in advertising, producing adverts and several posters. He was a friend of Alan Odle and Harry Clarke and exhibited with them at the St George’s Gallery in 1925.

A selection of his works can be seen and appreciated and seen at ;

James Stow & Antony Yau

Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts

Purchasing Rembrandt Christ Crucified Between two Thieves Original Etching


   As I mentioned in my previous Blogs , Buying Old -Modern masters Works on line is NOT for some one not prepared with his or here’s own research . Case in Point .

As the collector OR possible recipients of the sale , lets start with the established data on the work , .

All Major Works in Print making by a nearly all print maker are found in the THE Catalog Raisonné ( cataloged collection of the artists works , with data like the measures , medium used etching , dry point , mezzo tint and so forth .The information referring to editions , publishers , states and copies are mentioned in the case of Rembrandt’s Etchings.

A good start is obtaining the data from ;

Biörklund, George, Rembrandt’s Etchings: True and False, 1968.

Listed and illustrated as catalog raisonné no. BB 41-2. and in two states .

This and Bartsch. The Illustrated Bartsch , and Hind, Arthur. A Catalogue of Rembrandt’s Etchings , are thee toold many museums and galleries will refer to with the documentation .

In this case , The two states as as described as ;

Etched by the Master in 1641, Biörklund tell us there are TWO States of the impression . White & Boon State II (of II); Hind State II (of II).

The First State ;

Left arm of the cross has a square end which touches the oval border ,There are NO Diagonal lines…in the shaded area on the Cross between Christ Head and the scroll. According to many Scholars including Nowell-Usticke this work is an uncommon print with approximately 125-225 known impressions .
Impression of this state can be found in The British Museum and one can be found at the well respected Masterworks in Oakland Hills California .

The Second State ;

The end of the arm is rounded and does NOT touch the border , Dark Shadows much strengthened with close shading and diagonal lines added to cross .

Either Catalogs mentions the earlier publisher of the works. Is the second State of the work a Revision Of the Work by Rembrandt OR a alteration added by the printer-publisher ? In most cases as more well printed plates of Rembrandt’s works were printed and shown signs of wear to the copper , a printer-publisher WILL re etch the work to attempt to bring back a better quality impression .

Once you have The work is a etched work ( after checking the Measurements of the plate .generally to keep in mind there are some excellent etched work AFTER Rembrandt . These were some time etched by the Students of Rembrandt to learn the craft . (others like the Durand’s will be slightly smaller than the original in the Plate Marks .

In this case , the work is listed as only listed as a early publication , Most agree BEFORE any of Bason’s editions of the 1750’s or later . This work was never published by them since they did nit have the procession of the plate .

There is a known edition of this impression , published in 200 etchings in 1816. Location of this copper plate is not recorded and have either been lost or destroyed.

Two Etched Copies are known ;

The first etched in the Same direction slightly incorrect size

The Second is etched in REVERSE direction by Novelli

Let travel On

OK now you have decided if the work is a etched work executed by Rembrandt , let see what to expect to pay for such a wonderful work .

Lets start now with my favorite approach , “Google ” Rembrandt Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves ” . I than like to click on “shopping” and lets see what is available . YES Price comparing . Do keep in mind many Print dealers will not post prices ( you will see P O R ) ; Price on request .

“Rembrandt Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves ” listed by one Internet dealer at $ 8, 950.00
The first state .

“Rembrandt Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves ” listed by one Internet dealer at $ 12, 000.00
The first state .

The remaining one are Second State

“Rembrandt Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves ” listed by one Internet dealer at $ 2,000.00

There is one that is posted as ORIGINAL but is NOT

image the same BUT the plate mark is square and the original work is a oval plate mark

The seller is asking ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… $ 2,500.00

OK Now let see what this is selling at in the Auction World where any one can purchase .

One of my best best site ( by Internet subscription and if you choose to use this often) is well worth the yearly fee ;Gordon Print Prices and Most Public Libraries will have the printed issues of this at a good public Library in the Fine Arts section . I also recommend “Christies Lot Finders ” and going to the “Sold search ” Live Auctioneers ” also can be of help BUT more Limited to what was sold at there own auction site and NOT a real reflection of the Art Market . Do keep in mind the date of the sale , economy , auction location and if they are in fact “FINE ART AUCTIONS ” and with a well established reputation of selling fine Art .

Here is a sample and range of the inter national prices from all International Auction Houses for both the early states and second states .

REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves 12/03/96 2,269 Sold B79;H79;HD173;BB41-2 129
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plat 05/03/07 8,400 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79I/II 75
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An oval plate 04/25/12 5,000 Buy In B79;BB41-2;H79II/II 104
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 06/18/09 1,440 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79 35
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 10/31/08 1,200 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79 163
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 05/01/08 5,040 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79II/II 229
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 05/01/08 2,400 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79II/II 231
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two thieves:an oval plate 03/26/07 1,890 Sold B79 10
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:An oval Plate 12/05/06 26,063 Sold B79;HD173 200
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 05/04/06 2,070 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79II/II 172
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two thieves:An Oval Plate 11/03/05 11,500 Sold B79;BB41-2II/II;H79II/II 67
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 05/05/05 5,520 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79II/II 63
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 11/06/03 7,000 Buy In B79;BB41-2I/II;H79 71
REMBRANDT Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves:An Oval Plate 05/01/03 7,475 Sold B79;BB41-2I/II;H79 18
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 11/07/02 1,725 Sold B79;BB41-2II;H79II 334
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 07/01/02 1,438 Sold B79 36
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 05/02/02 6,210 Sold B79;H79I/II 270
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 11/09/00 2,070 Sold B79;BB41;H79 205
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 11/09/00 10,925 Sold B79;BB41;H79 211
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 05/24/00 963 Sold B79;H79II;S79III 139
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 11/25/99 392 Sold B79 4161
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 11/11/99 1,495 Sold B79;BB41-2;H79 127A
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 05/27/99 1,334 Buy In B79;H79 87
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 05/03/99 3,450 Sold B79;H79;HD173;BB41-2 29
REMBRANDT Christ crucified between the two Thieves:an oval Plate 04/16/99 6,450 Buy In B79;S79II;H79;NU79II 191

Now that you are completely either enlightened OR Confused . There are many factors to consider with the prices . At Auction the sale price DO NOT included taxes , buyers premium ( usually 15 – 20 percent depending on the terms at that auction house ) or shipping and keep in mind in the disclaimers …ALL SALE FINAL and SOLD AS IS .

Checking the prices on other on the ” E Bay Sites ” , often these will be both at Whole Sale and inflated Retail-Gallery Prices . Not all sellers there or any where else are professionals . I personally know many good Print Dealers selling on All the E Bay Sites Internationally and do offer some good opportunities to find and acquire some very Fine Old Masters . I have also found such treasures in local Consignment Shops , Estate Sales , flee market and other unusual places .

For many these works are not catch any one attentions UNLESS you know what they are .” There are those that refers to these as Pictures or Book pages ” with no knowledge these being Original Prints by some of the most cherished and collectors works of Master Works on paper

Like any sport ,” The Thrill of the Hunt is as important as finding the Catch “

Now you have decided if what your budget allows you to spend and what state you MUST have , the opportunities are offers a great adventure and opportunity to understand the complexities and challenges that collecting OLD Masters Prints and the passion that i my self have personally love and been inspired with for the past 45 years .

                                            James Stow & Anthony Yau

                                         Candlewood-Yankee Fine Arts

Buying Fine Art – Original Old – Modern Masters Prints on the Inter Net








 Buying Fine Art – Original  Old – Modern Masters Prints  on the Inter Net

Great article ;

I was mentioned in this great article at the New York Times ;

Enjoy the feature .

Collecting Fine Quality Master’s Pieces Works on a Budget !








Collecting Fine Quality Master’s Pieces  Works on a Budget !

Just the sound of collecting Old Masters, brings to mind the Rich & Famous and aristocratic families but this is not always

so . At the age of 15, while in school I purchased an original etching titled ” El Picadore Ferinand ” an outstanding etching by Francicso Goya purchased with the funds from a after school job at a local Dairy Queen , in Rural S. E. Indiana in 1970’s.

I found a passion that has never stopped giving me satisfaction. After 43 years of studying & collecting I published two books on print collecting. I established an art and antique brokerage business 22 years ago with much success .

Both as a collector turned art and antique private broker, I am very blessed to live in a lovely home where 16th to 20th century old masters and modern masters prints grace my walls and furniture tops.

Collecting fine prints offers a lifetime opportunity to build a museum quality collection. For a dedicated collector there’s special joy when you see old master prints with duplicates represented in all major museums collections, including The Tate , Met , Louvre and so many others internationally.

Many people are not aware of the fact many noted fine artist were indeed print makers themselves working with etchings, engravings, wood cuts and lithography . Many Priced from a few dollars ( often for what a inexpensive Luncheon oe r dinner may set you back to ant amount you wish to spend.

If you wish to build a lifetime of passion for collection original prints visit the museums and galleries, take a art appreciation class, ask questions with the museum, dealers and collectors. Buy what you love. Let the art speak to you. Personally there is no greater joy. Good Art enriches the senses and the soul .

Good Art lives for ever !

Feel free to take a peak on the selection and possibilities that await you

James Stow & Anthony Yau

Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts


Collectors are Rediscovering French Etching Revival of the 19 Century









Collectors are Rediscovering French  Print Revival of the 19 Century

The Etching Revival is the name given by at the time, and by art historians, to the renaissance- re birth and appreciation of etching and other forms of Print Making  of  as an original form of Fine Art  during a period of time stretching approximately from 1850 to 1930.

During the century after  Rembrandt’s death and The Golden Age Of Dutch Art . The major accomplishments in Print Making and that of Etching by Rembrandt , Adrian Van  Ostade, Berchem ,  Van Ruysdeal and Callot to mention a few .
  The techniques of etching and dry point brought to their highest point by him gradually declined. By the late eighteenth century, with brilliant exceptions like Piranesi and Tiepolio , Canalotto ( Canal ), Most etchings were reproductive or illustrative.
  A rebirth started in 1840s and 50’s in France, a number of artists did produce some landscape etchings which seemed to recapture some of the  rekindered spirit of the  Art Of  Etching of the Old Masters Works , Some of the leading artists of the period among them Daubigny, Meryon,Millet,Corot and sevral others  . Other Noted Artist involved in the movement included tow Great Prints Makers James Whistler and Seymour Haden often associated with the British Print Movement of the same period  produced etchings that were different from those heavily worked reproductive plates of the previous century.
  Among several including three “Movers and Shakers”  that had great influence in the French French Print  the publisher Afred Cadart , an brillant copper plate printer and a master of the craft  Auguste Delatre and artist Maxime Lalalne .  In England P. G. Hamerton , frederick Goulding ranks among the finest of the Period . 
Cadart founded the Société des Aquafortistes in 1862, reviving the awareness of the beautiful, original etching in the minds of the collecting public.
“A Treatise on Etching” by Lalanne was translated by S.R. Koehler and published in the United States in 1880. It played a significant role in the Etching Revival in America.
Philip Gilbert Hamerton would later promoter of several similar publication in England   and  However, before the translation of Lalanne’s book,  promoter of etching in Britain. His “Etching and Etchers” (1868) and 1880 ) was more an art history than a technical text but it did much to popularize the art and some of its modern practitioners.
These two volumes were beautifully printed with original  copper etching plates etched by masters including those of Callot , Rembrandt , Dujardin ,Whistler to mention a few . The printing were very well done from the original plates and published in a relative small edition assuring good quality impressions of the etching .
Most Scholars agree these in edition of less than 500 and many have been broken up over the years to preserve the etchings . Sadly the wood fiber text pages has discolored many of the fine Prints that were included in these two fine editions.
 In  1870s Hamerton was also publishing an influential periodical, titled “The Portfolio”, that published etchings in editions of 1000 copies generally good BUT no was as brilliant publication as the previous two ” Etching and Etchers “.
  In America , S.R. Koehler and published in the United States in 1880. It played a significant role in the Etching Revival in America. His works published in American Etchings and those others from the New York Etching Club produce so of the finest American Etching of the 19 Century . The works included works of Thomas, Mary, Peter Moran , a single  etching by Mary Cassatt , J. H. Hill , Frederick S Church , Hassam ,Pennell and others .
  The Golden age of the Print Revival in Europe , England and America and the collecting  and deeper appreciated  , Ended with the Great Bank Crash of 1929 .
All over the world educated and cultured   Museums and individuals filled there collection with many fine volumes and singular works . It would not be years later than prints were again produce as great Fine art with a few exception of some very fine print makers of the W P A Period .
  For the Collector today , there is a vast selection of fine works that are under valued and under priced for every taste and pocket book . For a good introduction of what is available please visit our vast collection at .
                                              James Stow & Anthony Yau
                                              Candlewood Yankee Fine Arts