” Exotic Birds of Nymphenburg ” of Nymphenburg Palace -Gardens






 Exotic Birds of Nymphenburg ” of  Nymphenburg Palace -Gardens

” Exotic Birds of Nymphenburg ”   are among some of the finest works in Porcelians created in the early 20 century at Nymphenburg Porcelains Works .

 Of this period designers such as Luise Terletzki-Scherf Student of Josef Wackerle concerned herself with the subject of exotic birds some twenty years later after the master Josef Wackerle .The cockatoo ( circa 1929) is considered to be one of her most magnificent and beautiful designs greatly influenced by the events In the late 1800s items began to feature creatures ranging from elephants and exotic birds to dogs and turtles, with those by sculptor Luise Terletzky-Scherf being particularly well received.The black contours of the bird and the accentuated orange of its plumage, which is otherwise so sparsely colored, bears testimony to the great artistic craftsmanship and a design that is contemporary to this day , along with European Pigeons ( often referred to as Pair of Doves ) and the later Circus Animals are still a favorite with many collectors . Many others were executed by this designer and others of the early 20 Centuries at the Porcelains work .
Other fine works are those by Karner and Josef Wackerle of the best noted and loved by today’s collectors .

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Luise Terletzki-Scherf Cockatoo, First designed in 1941 with The detail in the porcelain shows fine artistry. It is beautifully hand painted. It truly portrays this proud bird in all his splendor. This peacock is a rare find in…

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Nymphenburg Porcelains Cherish and Collected by Museums and Collectors for Centuries





Nymphenburg  Porcelains Cherish and  Collected by Museums and Collectors  for Centuries



Many Collectors have for several centuries have collected and Cherish works from the  Nymphenburg  Porcelains  Works , located in   the Nymphenburg  Palace out side of Nurenburg . The selection offers fine hand crafted dinner services of great beauty , figurines based on centuries old works of Bustelli Hand colored ,Chinoiserie Figurines ,Rococo-Cumberland-Service and several other fine works that are numerous .

The Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory (in German: Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg), manufacturer of Nymphenburg porcelain, is situated in the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, capital of Bavaria, and since the mid-eighteenth century has been manufacturing porcelain of high artistic value.
After his accession in 1745 Maximilian III Joseph, Prince-Elector of Bavaria, commanded the establishment of manufacturing companies in order to bail out the state finances. From 1747 attempts were made to manufacture porcelain and at the end of that year the former Neudeck Castle in the area now the Munich suburb of Au-Haidhausen was made available for that purpose. Up to 1754 the experiments were a miserable failure and lost considerable amounts of money, but in that year the efforts to manufacture porcelain finally began to succeed. In 1755 the factory received its first commission from the Bavarian court and in 1756 came the first success in painting the porcelain in color. The management of the jurist and entrepreneur Count Sigmund von Haimhausen from 1758 ensured that the factory was placed on a sound commercial footing. By 1761 it had moved to the Nymphenburg Palace, where it still is today.
Among the great artists who followed Bustelli were Dominikus Auliczek the elder (1734—1804) and Johann Peter Melchior. A great promoter of the works was Ludwig I who gave them many commissions. Particular favorites were dinner services with copies of famous paintings or with Bavarian landscapes in an antique style.


Outstanding values many of these retails from $ 875.00 to $ 40,000.00 in today’s Retail Galleries .  Many Fine examples can be found in Auctions Houses and On Line Auctions for  much less  for the collector . If you are seeking a special designer – period  , subject or a set of Impressive Dinner Service .

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